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P!nk’s seventh studio albumis out today and it contains all the hallmarks of her greatest music: gutsy vocals, confessional themes and catchy melodies everyone can enjoy. Though P!nk (to her credit) doesn’t deviate much from her previous successes, she dabbles in folktronica and conveys some fresh, unexamined wisdom through her lyrics.

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“I named the album , because life is f—ing traumatic,” she told . “There’s natural disasters at every turn and there’s kids starving and there’s Trump and there’s all kinds of stuff going on, but there’s beautiful people in the world that are having a blast and being good to each other and helping others. ”

gives fans the P!nk they know and love with more maturity and gravitas to tackle the ups and downs of marriage, career and the state of the world. As always, her combination of candor and vulnerability produce a relatable, unpretentious feeling of empowerment. That brightness shines through even the darkest songs on.

Here are the five best songs on P!nk’s new album:

“Beautiful Trauma” The album’s title track might be its strongest. On “Beautiful Trauma,” P!nk sings tenderly over tinkling piano, which gives way to a fierce beat and singalong chorus. She shares her “perfect rock bottom” and struggles to keep a relationship alive in the face of challenges. It’s an epic, dramatic track with stylistic range and plenty of heart.


“I Am Here” On “I Am Here,” a choir backs P!nk up as she takes listeners to church. The midtempo track contemplates her mortality and imagines “where people go when they go.”


“What About Us” If “Beautiful Trauma” is peak P!nk then the album’s lead single (aHot 100 hit) follows a similar recipe: Soaring vocals and a soft electronic keyboard, power notes and wistful sentiments. In the hands of a less gifted star, the chorus might sound cloying and sentimental but P!nk imbues it with a grit and honesty that defines her best work.


“Secrets” P!nk tries her hand at folktronica on “Secrets,” which layers acoustic guitar over a bouncy, disco beat. Lyrically, the singer examines the things we hide from one another and subtle EDM elements take the song to an unexpected place.


“But We Lost It” On the album’s first slow song, P!nk describes losing her way in a relationship:“I’m still the girl that you chased all around the world / I haven’t changed, I’ve just replaced all the chains with pearls.” Her tumultuous marriage to motocross star Carey Hart has informed her perspective on love and P!nk has never hesitated to “go there” with her doubts and fears in song.


By Hayden Wright
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, Jun Acullador , Philippines

The site of Intramuros was originally a large Malayan-Islamic settlement named "Maynilad", ruled by three chieftains Rajah Sulayman, Lakan Dula and Rajah Matanda. The name came from "may nilad", "nilad" being a water plant whose star-shaped flowers clustered in abundance along the low-lying riverbanks. The strategic location of Maynilad, being on the Pasig River and the Manila Bay, made it an ideal location for indigenous Tagalog tribes to trade with other Asian civilizations, including Chinese and Islamic merchants who had come from China, Borneo and Indonesia. Maynilad was also the seat of power for native chiefs who ruled the area before Europeans first arrived in Luzon.

In 1564, conquistadors led by Miguel López de Legazpi sailed from New Spain (Mexico) and arrived on the island of Cebu in February 13, 1565. There they established the first Spanish colony in the archipelago. Having heard of rich resources of Manila by local natives, López de Legazpi dispatched two of his Lieutenant-commanders, Martín de Goiti and Juan de Salcedo to explore the northern regions of the Visayas.

In 1570, the Spaniards arrived in the island of Luzon. After quarrels had erupted between the Islamic natives and the Spaniards; Goiti and López de Legazpi’s soldiers waged war on the people, before they were able to take control and establish a permanent settlement in the area. In 1571 after the natives were defeated in battle, López de Legazpi made a peace pact with Rajah Sulayman, Rajah Lakandula and Rajah Matanda; who, in return, handed over Manila to the Spaniards.

Citing the rich resources and location of Manila; López de Legazpi declared the area as the new capital of the Spanish colony in the Philippines on June 24, 1571. The King of Spain, delighted at the new conquest achieved by López de Legazpi and his men, awarded the city a coat of arms and declaring it Ciudad Insigne y Siempre Leal ("Distinguished and ever loyal city").

The planning of the city of Manila was commenced by López de Legazpi who had become the first Governor general on the islands. He established forts, roads, churches and schools. The plans for Intramuros were based on King Philip II’s Royal Ordinance issued on July 3, 1573 in San Lorenzo, Spain. It’s design was based upon a medieval castle structure and covered 64 hectares of land, surrounded by 8 metre thick stones and high walls that rise 22 metres.

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/ Should the Miami Heat Consider Dealing Hassan Whiteside to the Washington Wizards?
By David Akerman
Updated: June 28, 2018

Bradley Beal and Otto Porter Jr. are two of the players the Heat could potentially acquire in this deal. Out of these two, the Wizards would be more willing to deal Porter as Beal is coming off a season in which he averaged 22.6 points and 4.5 assists per game while being named an All-Star for the first time in his career.

As for Porter, he averaged 14.7 points and 6.4 per game last season while shooting 44.1 percent from three. The problem with him is his contract. He is due about $26 million for the 2018-19 season and $27.2 million for the 2019-20 season. Porter holds a player option for the 2020-21 season. Should he accept that, he would be due around $28.5 million. With these figures, he would be the highest-paid player on the Heat while potentially being the fourth or maybe fifth option on offense. He would be of value to Miami on defense, where he has excelled so far in his NBA career.

By swapping Whiteside for Porter, the Heat would put themselves about $600,000 closer to the luxury tax for the 2018-19 season. This is something they might not want to do for a team that is seemingly stuck in mediocrity. Miami still has to account for the potential signings of Wayne Ellington , who has reportedly been by the Heat that they want him back, and Dwyane Wade , whohas that if he were to come back and play a 16th NBA season it would only be with the Heat.

Another potential issue that could arise is that Washington might needextra incentive to take on a player whose trade value has reportedly hit a low . This means that the Heatwould need to add sweeteners so that Washington would be comfortable with the trade. Some of those sweeteners could be any of the following: Disney Rose GoldPlated Tinkerbell with Crystal Wings Hoop Earrings qc9d5
, Bam Adebayo ,or a first-round pick. Miore 9 kt 375 White Gold Stud Earrings with 010 ct Diamond for Women 35mm MtVxVY
would not be able to be included in any potential trades because by taking on his salary, the Wizards would put themselves over the luxury tax.

Many within the Heat organization reportedly want to trade away Whiteside and with the Wizards now having a big need at center, this might be the perfect time to do so. However, it remains to be seen ifthe Heatwill inch themselves closer to the luxury tax in order to get rid of a player who, last season, publicly complained about his playing time and was 925 Sterling Silver 5 MM Rosary Bracelet rtTwKxKaAE
after going on an expletive-laced rant.

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Written by Mike Kotsis on January 18, 2016


Last week in a client session, two team members rushed in frantically just as we were about to start the meeting. They dropped into their seats with disheveled hair and scowls on their faces. One of them said they didn’t get any sleep the night before because they were up all night with a sick child.

I took a deep breath and thought to myself, “Oh boy , this is going to be a tough day.”

We kicked off the meeting with a check-in, as usual. As everyone reported personal and professional good news, the body language in the room changed entirely. It was like flipping a light switch, and it was amazing to witness. The scowls went away, and everyone was ready to dig in. In the end it turned out to be a very productive meeting.

What’s a Meeting Check-In?

The beginning of every leadership team meeting should start with a check-in . In a check-in, everyone in the room shares some good news—one personal item, and one professional item. For a leadership team of seven people, the check-in should take no more than five minutes total. Don’t fall into the trap of accidentally getting sidetracked in a 20-minute conversation!

The check-in is one of the most powerful elements of a meeting. Don’t ever start a meeting without one! Here's why.

3 Reasons to Make Meeting Check-Ins a Priority

1) They help you stop working “in” your business and start working “on” it

Business leaders are normally so buried IN the day-to-day demands of putting out fires, they don’t take the time to work ON the business to figure out why the fires began in the first place. When you’re in the middle of fighting a fire, you’re in a completely different frame of mind than when you’re investigating what caused the fire. The check-in is a segue that helps you to make the mental transition from reactive firefighting to proactive problem-solving.

2) Check-ins create a positive frame of mind

Everyone comes into the meeting on a different page. Some are in a good mood, others are in a bad mood. Some are frustrated and others are excited. The check-in gets everyone into a positive frame of mind by focusing your attention on things worth celebrating. Having a positive frame of mind in turn helps your team to solve more issues faster during the meeting.

3) They increase team health

Check-ins get everyone on the same page to see the great things that are happening in each other’s lives. This brings a human element into the meetings—after all we’re not working with robots!

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